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Sockeye International

Since 2006 Sockeye players and squads have treked across the globe to teach Ultimate to players of all nationalities. At the invitation of local organizers, Sockeye has put on dozens of clinics and camps for players of all ages and abilities. From the high altitudes of Medellín and Bogotá, to the beaches of Australia and the Philippines, and the many nations of Europe, Sockeye has coached and competed in every hemisphere and nearly every time zone.

2012 Schedule

April 6-9 Paganello

April 14-22 Italy

April 26-29 Berlin

May 5-13 Moscow

May 18-20 Copenhagen


Sockeye's camps and clinics provide oppurtunities to learn basic and advanced Ultimate skills including throwing, catching, cutting, and defensive techniques. Sockeye also provides lessons in tactics and strategies, tips and drills for running great practices, and direction for leading and organizing an Ultimate team.

Interested? Contact us about Sockeye coming to your country.