Roster Set

June 19, 2012

We thank the many Seattleites who battled with us and represented our great city with unparalleled determination.

Through sweat, scrapes, blood, and grit… Sockeye 2012 has been forged:

Frank Devin Barich
Michael Caldwell
Nate Castine
Eddie Feeley
Sam Harkness
Adam Holt
Danny Karlinsky
Tyler Kinley
Chris Kosednar
Reid Koss
Aly Lenon
Duncan Linn
Simon Montague
Phil Murray
Matt Rehder
Moses Rifkin
BJ Sefton
Skip Sewell
Todd Sliva
Jacob Spiedel
Xthen Titcomb
Vehro Titcomb
Spencer Wallis
Matty Zemel