Sockeye Camp: Russia

With Tyler and BJ Sefton already headed East, the days to Sockeye Camp: Russian Edition are counting down.  Beginning April 30th, nine members of Sockeye ’10 are embarking on a crazy journey behind the iron curtain to spend ten days teaching 150 Russian frisbee players what we can about the game.  I’ll be narrating our adventures here so stay tuned to find out more about what ultimate is like in the mother land.

First, though, the history.  The idea of this camp came about in Prague last summer at worlds, the brainchild of our esteemed captain Tyler Kinley and Russian Frisbee Mogul Katerina Baritsa.  Tentatively organized at first, the dream became a reality when the first tickets were bought in January, and became more tangible as the details of the camp were hammered out in bi weekly planning meetings throughout the winter and spring.  Masterminded by Ben and Jaime, we’ve got a great slate of drills and teaching concepts organized around the general format of the camp: three days of clinics, four days of tourism and night classes for coaches and captains, another day of clinic and finally two days of a hat tournament.

Representing Sockeye for this are the following: Tyler Kinley, Ben Wiggins, Skip Sewell, Jaime Arambula, Sam Harkness, Spencer Wallis, Joe ‘BJ’ Sefton, Aaron Talbot and me, Bailey Russel.  BJ and Tyler are already playing at Paganello, hopefully not running themselves too ragged.  The rest of us fly out Wednesday, arrive Thursday, and start teaching on Friday.

That’s all for now.  Follow us here if you want, I’ll be posting as frequently as I can.  And check out the Russian website that’s running this all at

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