Our Farricker Nominee: David Bestock

We’re proud to announce our candidate for the USAU Championships individual Spirit Award! Dave has been a mainstay and incredible positive role model for Sockeye play and Spirit for years.

Dave is our most-sung hero. As accomplished of a performer on stage and staircase as he is on the field, Dave keeps our team loose when we need it and pumped when we gotta Grrr. He even tells us when things are fresh or when they are, in fact, whack. Dave is known for cool, calm and occasionally brilliantly creative handler offense and gets up big for aerial D’s when tested. More importantly, he’s a cool head when the stakes rise and he is a committed proponent for playing fair, no matter what those stakes are. The Sockeye span from ’02 in the Islands to ’10 in the Czech has been set to a soundtrack of Dave’s own Spirited singing voice and silky skills.

Dave calmly fakes a forehand against Rhino at the 2009 NW Regional tournament.
Photo by Scobel Wiggins

For more about the Farricker Award, go here

Sockeye’s Chase Sparling-Beckley won the award in 2007, and or beloved Moses Rifkin won the inaugural award in 2002 while playing with Boston’s Death or Glory.

Congrats to the winner, Revolver’s Bart Watson!

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