Sockeye Supports Colin McIntyre for USA Ultimate BoD

Seattle Sockeye is excited to support Colin McIntyre for the At-Large position in this year’s USAU Board of Directors election. Vote here!

We’re interested in a Board candidate that will work hard to improve the organization and help guide the sport in the right direction.  In our view, Colin McIntyre is the candidate most likely and most able to accomplish that task.

Most impressive is Colin’s proactive approach to improving the sport.  He is critical and quick to identify problems (specifically issues like sideline safety and better issuance of misconduct fouls), but always does so in the context of seeking a solution and taking action to get problems resolved.  Through his involvement on the Rules Committee, as an observer, and as a diligent proposal-submitter, Colin’s shown great initiative and accomplished a great deal.  We have every reason to believe that he will have a large positive impact, if elected to the Board.

Finally, we support Colin’s commitment to engaging us, the membership, in the proposal process, and working to help members’ ideas be heard by the leadership of USAU.  In order to serve the entire membership, it is important for USAU to make it easy for us all to be heard and listened to.  We are very pleased that Colin has plans to make this happen, and we hope to see him on the Board.

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