Andrew Fleming gets his picture taken…

…by Moses Rifkin, after an incredible catch.


Current accolades:
Debuted on ESPN 7/27/10 as a highlight from Worlds
– Discussed on ESPN SportsNation as potential ESPY Award Winner
– On SportsNation Poll, 70% of viewers were impressed, and both hosts were wondering how 30% could not be impressed.
– On ESPN‘s Top Ten Plays (7/28/10) as #1
– Featured on ABC’s “Winner’s Bracket” as the #1 seed, which pits top plays against one another in a tourney-style bracket format, and comes out the winner, beating clips from around the world!
– ESPN’s Top Play of the Week! (8/2/10)
– Featured on‘s front page, AOL Video, Sports Illustrated online, Deadspin, Seattle Weekly online, Seattle PI online, and hundreds of blogs

Andrew is humbled, and is being diligently sought after by Rogaine for a sponsorship.

After our surreal silver medal run at Worlds, not to mention earning the Spirit Award along the way for fair play, the Fish are back at it starting this upcoming weekend on the field and the track.

Most exciting of all? It’s not disappointment that’s driving us now; it’s the chance to play together again.

It’s that fun.

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