Sockeye Throwing Happy Hour (at WUCC)

Dear WUCC players,

The Seattle Sockeye are having a throwing practice on Saturday, July 3rd, where we will be doing many of the best throwing drills that we have developed and learned. As part of the experience that is WUCC, we’d like to invite all interested players and teams to join us for a Throwing Mini-Camp.

If you are interested in learning new ways to work on your throws, come join us at 6.30pm at the park fields at Strahov area after the Captain’s Meeting. These fields are near the main Strahov field site, but further to the west (20 minutes walk from the Check-in). There will be few Czech players waiting in front of the Check-In to pick you up at 6.00pm and take you there.

Jaime ‘Idaho’ Arambula will lead a session of the 20-minute ‘Ninja Throwing’ routine, and Ben Wiggins will lead a group through the ‘Zen Throwing’ routine. Sockeye players will be around to answer questions, possibly run a few light drills, and analyze throwing form if you would like. Or, just come to throw with us as a warm-up for a huge week!

Questions/comments/greetings? Write us at
Bring a disc if you have one, cleats are optional. Free for all WUCC and Czech Ultimate players.

We hope this is a great way to get ready for the Day 1 games, to meet new friends and to give back some of the Ultimate knowledge that we have been fortunate enough to learn. See you on the 3rd!

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