Awesome Austin weekend: Fish finish 2nd in at the Texas Shootout

5 games, 2 memorable days, and more incredible barbeque than we can calculate…

Sockeye’s first traveling tournament of 2010 was a huge success. We were hosted wonderfully by the Austin community (thanks Will, Ray, Gordon and los Berenses!). Even though Continental and Delta tried to sap our strength by keeping us at an average of 3 hours of sleep (per person, per night) we had enough energy to enjoy great weather, great Ultimate and the great capital of Texas.

In extremely short form, here is the synopses of our games:

Game 1: v Clapham

We refused to return Adam Holt to them, then spent the first half trying to figure out the English offense before Eddie started stealing blocks by the handful. 15-11 in a capped game, Fish win.

Game 2: v Suess

This team of Tejas and beyond youngsters puts up a fight at every position. Frank got a couple of blocks as a deep-deep, and Ray started cutting every-other to pull ahead. Sockeye wins, 17-8.

Game 3: v Revolver

Revolver is even more talented this year, having soaked up a large portion of Jam’s talent and athleticism. Sefton made a ridiculous catch over a pile of people to tie it at 12s, and MC’s run-through block led to a key fastbreak goal from Charlie to Bailey. Sockeye in a squeaker, 13-12.

Game 3.5: v Rudy’s BBQ and 6th street

Sockeye v Brisket and Sockeye v Big Buck Hunter were big wins. Sockeye v Double-disc court was a hotly contested tie.

Game 4: v Houston

A fun group of up and coming players (like Doc) led by savvy veterans (like Calvin). Sockeye’s offense starts to click in the second half heat, and we all go crazy when Sam puts someone in the Shark Tank. Sockeye wins, 17-6.

Final: v Doublewide

We’ve played so many important games against Dee-dub in the past few years that we are starting to expect them every tournament. This one didn’t disappoint. A well-fought and fairly-ref’d game saw Doublewide take the tournament 19-16, even though Spencer drove Sockeye two 2 breaks almost singlehandedly. Great game, can’t wait for the next one!

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