This year’s Combine came early with the approach of Worlds pushing Sockeye’s tryout schedule ahead 2 months, and was gifted with a beautiful day for competitive ultimate. A heavy fog lifted just as warmups concluded, and after meeting their teammates-for-the-day and getting in some drills, games commenced.

The talent pool was deep, as over 100 players ranging from high school and beyond divided amongst 6 team were able to play highly skilled and competitive ultimate. Sockeye certainly benefits from the amazing ultimate culture that exists in Seattle, and through this tryout process hopes to build a team the rewards the emerald city with a pair of trophies this year.

At the end of the day, we hope that everyone can say that they played a lot of great ultimate, made some plays, learned something new, and got to play with someone new. While not everyone moves on to the next stage of the tryout process, every Fish appreciates the hard work and talent that each and every tryout brought and looks forward to seeing everyone out on the field again in the future!

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