Michael ‘MC’ Caldwell

Necromancer/Dark Elf

A shock of hair runs straight down his head ending at a craggy tense face. Big, round deep eyes, set low within their sockets, watch anxiously over the river they've stood guard over for so long.Fallen debris left a mark stretching from just under the left eye , first running towards thin lips and ending on his right cheekbone leaves a painful burden of hidden talents.The is the face of Michael Caldwell, a true warden among dark elves. He stands common among others, despite his delicate frame.There's something incomprehensible about him, perhaps it's his unfortunate past or perhaps it's simply a feeling of guilt. But nonetheless, people tend to become his friend, while secretly training to become more like him.

Special Ability

Bone Splinter Cut: Movement (10 meter effective range): Opponent trailing follows series of movements that build exponential pressure on their legs; eventually shattering their bones under the constant stress.


Height 6'2"

Weight 180 lb

Fish Status 16th Year

Past Teams Carleton CUT, Z

Honors ‘04, ‘06, ‘07 Club National Champion