Sockeye is an Ultimate frisbee club from Seattle, Washington, and has been one of the most dominant Ultimate teams of the past decade. Sockeye competes annually at the USA Ultimate Club Championships where they qualified every year from 2000 to 2010 and are three-time champions.

In 2008 Sockeye represented America as Team USA at the World Ultimate Championships in Vancouver, Canada earning silver. In 2010, Sockeye traveled to Prague and won silver again at the World Ultimate Club Championships.

The team is composed of amateur athletes who dedicate themselves to being the best Ultimate players in the world. Many players are coaches, leading Youth and College teams around the Northwest.

In recent years, Sockeye has led camps and clinics internationally, teaching Ultimate to players in Colombia, Russia, the Philippines, Japan, the Dominican Republic, and all across the continent of Europe.

The Catch

At the 2010 World Ultimate Club Championships, Sockeye player Andrew Fleming made one of the most incredible plays in Ultimate frisbee history.In a tight quarterfinal matchup, with the score 15-14 Sockeye, Aaron Talbot threw a long backhand huck in front of Fleming.

What came next was the greatest demonstration of speed and athleticism in the sport.

Fleming closed in on the disc at top speed, layed out into the air, and grabbed the disc just before hitting the ground.

Sockeye went on to win the game 17-15.